Migration and Integration

Denise works as an independent expert in the area of migration. Presently she is working with Refugee Rights Data Project (RRDP – http://refugeerights.org.uk/reports/) which aims to fill information gaps in relation to refugees and displaced people in Europe by conducting independent field research. She is presently working with a range of civil society organisation to develop a response to the humanitarian crisis in Europe. She is fronting an appeal to provide resources and volunteers for crisis areas such as Calais and Dunkirk. In partnership with the Immigrant Council of Ireland, will be launching a report from the camps in Greece and is presently working in Paris on further research study. Denise is also working with the Irish Red Cross on a consultation project in the area.

Denise was the CEO of the Immigrant Council of Ireland, one of the leading NGO’s working to secure improved rights and protections for migrants and their families.   She has over seen national and EU projects in areas such as integration, citizenship, political participation, family reunification and anti- racism. At EU level, she was the national focal point for the EU’s European Web Site on Integration. Denise works with organisations, to advocate for reform of the Irish Immigration system, for a more efficient and fair system.

The promotion of cultural, social, economic and political integration is a key area of her work.  She has overseen projects to break down barriers to integration within the school’s system, with Muslim and other specific communities, and with migrant women.

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