Denise worked with me as a coach as I prepared for a new role. Her relaxed supportive style and strategic questioning has helped me to develop my own natural leadership and plan the transition which helped create positive change for me and my new team. I have worked alongside Denise for many years in the NGO sector. She has a natural talent and genuine interest in developing leaders ‘capacity and helping them achieve their goals.

CEO of Youth Organisation

I started coaching with Denise two years ago when I took on a more demanding role.  I have found that it has enabled me to develop my leadership skills by providing a confidential and non -judgmental space to tease out ideas and work through problems and to keep perspective with the bigger picture in mind.

          Director of a Law Centre

I attended Denise for coaching after I had already been in my role for over two years but during a time of significant change within the sector I was working in.  She supported me to take a fresh look at the organisation which enabled me to think more strategically to achieve the strategic growth needed to sustain the organisation. I found Denise’s coaching style really worked for me.  She struck a great balance between, providing me with a space and to get clarity about my own perspectives, while provide valuable support with more practical challenges , particularly in the areas of communications, conflict management, and team building.  The benefits of undertaking coaching with Denise have been invaluable for me and I am now convinced that coaching is a very important support to have in place for anyone who is leading an organisation.

Network Coordinator

Denise is gifted with an extraordinary intuition which really adds to her skill set as a coach. She asks the simplest of questions that can have you thinking long after the session is over.

Managing Partner

I worked with Denise at a time when I had taken on a new management role in a national project and the experience has been extremely beneficial to me both personally and professionally. Denise provided invaluable support during the transition to this new role and, much needed, space for reflection. Her combination of experience and insight were very helpful in supporting me to make a number of important decisions. The sessions with Denise gave me time and space to stop and really look at what the new role meant, and required, and to identify the challenges. Working with Denise helped me to look more deeply at my professional development and gave me tools which I continue to use. Denise has a wealth of leadership and organisational experience and it shines through, I would highly recommend her as a coach or mentor.

Manager in Educational Sector

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