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About Denise

Denise has over 25 years’ experience leading organisations and chairing boards of NGOs and State organisations, nationally and internationally. She is presently a consultant and executive coach working with organisations on strategic review and development, strategic communications leadership and organisational & team development. She has significant operational experience at senior levels and proven expertise with change leadership and transformation programmes. She has specialist experience, coaching chief executives and senior management, particularly those transitioning into a new role(s). With an in-depth understanding of the impact of change at a personal and collective level, she has also had extensive experience working with groups in the areas of transition and conflict. She has a specific interest in supporting women in leadership roles.

Denise also acts as a public affairs consultant and strategic advisor, working with organisations on areas of progressive social change (e.g. LGBT, gender equality, gender-based violence, children rights, migrants’ rights and reproductive rights). Denise served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Immigrant Council of Ireland, an Independent Law Centre working on integration and migration. Prior to that, Denise was the Director of Women Aid, an organisation working on gender-based violence. In both roles, she worked at local, national and international levels on social justice issues and led successful campaigns for legislative change. This included the initiation and oversight of a range of EU Programmes. She was former Co-Chair of Marriage Equality and was represented on the strategy advisory group of Yes Equality. She also was head of Fundraising for Together for Yes and was represented on the strategy advisory group for the campaign. She was former vice-Chair of Children Rights Alliance and is presently strategic advisor to their campaign on child poverty. She is also a strategic advisor to the Turn off the Red Light Campaign, (a campaign group which changed the law on prostitution and anti-trafficking and continues to work to address exploitation in the sex trade). She has worked on a range of government and NGO Committees and Commissions, including the Irish Government Working Group on Trafficking of Human Beings; the National Steering Committee on Violence against Women, the National Crime Council and the Women’s Health Council.

Denise works with leaders on strategic management, organisational development, leadership development and professional/ team coaching.
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Denise works with executives, managers, entrepreneurs and professionals in business, private and Ngo sectors. She specialises in leadership, positive psychology and emotional intelligence. The coaching aims to deliver high-impact results.
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Strategic Communications
Denise has worked on a number of campaigns key campaigns effecting significant, progressive change, nationally and internationally. She works with a number of organisations, developing campaigns for change, with strategic communications at the core.
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Immigration Rights
Denise works with a number of migrant rights organisations, support them advocate for the rights of immigrants and their families with campaigns for change, public debate and progressing legal and policy change.
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Domestic Violence
Denise has vast experience working with the issue of domestic violence, in services, policy development, interagency work and campaigning for legislative change. Formerly she was the Director of Women’s Aid.
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Prostitution and Human Trafficking
Denise has vast experience working on the issues of prostitution, sex trafficking and child exploitation in the commercial sex trade. She works with organisations to develop campaigns for change and with the provision of evidence and strategies for policy change.
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Recent News

Strategic Advisor
‘With Denise’s strategic advice and guidance, we developed a multi-facet campaign, with strategic communications at its core. As a result we changed hearts and minds and the political will, resulting in legalistive change that will have far reaching effects for many years’
‘I would recommend Denise without any hesitation whatsoever. She has a brilliant creative mind and an immensely compassionate understanding of people and organisations. Although I have resolved the current issue of my resignation as CEO, I’m hoping I can engage her expertise as I take up my new role’.
‘It was of value to me in that it facilitated me to reflect on myself, on my leadership style and behaviours, it helped me identify and name my weaknesses and develop strategies to manage these… all in all in bolstered my confidence’.