Denise works with leaders to achieve their potential. With Associate, Dr Grainne Healy, they deliver a transformational leadership programme targeted at leaders in the Social Justice sector. They also deliver off-the-shelf leadership development and leadership transformation programmes and work with organisations to create a tailored programme that meets their specific needs.

Leadership Development for Transition and Change is a training experience which provides participants with tools, strategies and techniques to support them to maximise their impact and meet their potential as leaders, while supporting others to reach their potential.

The programme is intended to support leaders to develop self and organisational awareness, using peer learning, reading, discussion, role-play and evidence-based tools with validated assessments. It will assist

participants in focusing and identifying their leadership styles, values and behaviours. Concepts such as emotional intelligence, stakeholder mapping, social change campaigning and learning styles will be explored.

Participants will participate in a 360 review and a Belbin evaluation and will be introduced to various reflective practices while also being supplied with an experienced coach, to test how this supportive practice enhances both personal and professional development.

The next programme is running from March 2020: Click here for further details

Denise and her partners work with organisations and individuals to

Inspire and motivate teams to achieve exceptional results.

Be influential leaders and maximise career opportunities.

Build on strengths and overcome leadership challenges.

Leadership Summer School – Leadership Change and Succession Programme 2018 and 2019.